Hotaru is a Japanese word for firefly and koi means love. Hotaru is famous for emitting beautiful glowing green or yellow lights to attract mates.

We want to attract customers by providing the best quality and product and eventually make you fall in love with us!

All Products on Koi Hotaru are made in Japan. We gathered the finest crafted materials and quality. Each item is handpicked and selected with great attention to detail.The brand identity was created by R. Osugi.

Meet Team

R. Osugi
R. Osugi Founder

Osugi is the founder of Koi Hotaru. He was born in Tokyo, Japan and moved to Texas, US. After traveling around the world and working in many different countries, he wanted people to know more about Japan!

Daniell. O
Daniell. O Co Founder

Daniell is the Co Founder of Koi Hotaru. He was born in Los Angels, US and moved to Texas, US. He is a passionate individual and loves to spread Japanese culture around the world!

Bilal Hunani
Bilal Hunani Lead Developer

Bilal Hunani is the Lead Developer of Koi Hotaru. He was born in Pakistan and has lived in Canada for a few years. His curiosity has to lead him to many endeavours and one of which is exploring Japanese culture.